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In every real estate transaction, there’s a process that, on paper, couldn’t possibly look any more complicated. You have a timeline of events, actions, paperwork and deadlines that somehow is going to culminate with you closing on the transaction at a specific point in time. Let’s not forget about all the parties involved, from agents and attorneys on both sides of the table to a lender and title company.

How are all of these elements going to sync together in a timely fashion throughout the deal to ensure that everything indeed runs smoothly? Read below to see how we make it happen!

We Help You Breathe Easier During
A Complex Process:

 For Strong Communication-That’s where we shine
In fact, it’s the only way to ensure that every party involved in a real estate transaction gets what they need, when they need it. At Miles & Gurney, communication and follow up is our #1 priority. It’s an “above and beyond” level of extra effort that we’re continually praised on.

As your advocate, can we be forceful and strong? Absolutely. Ours is not the type of firm that sits back and hopes everything falls into place. You have too much financially and emotionally invested in a transaction like this to wonder where things stand.

Life Is Still Happening During Your Transaction.
Let’s face it: The rest of the world won’t stop for you just because you are buying or selling a property. It can be a real challenge to remain focused on your day-to-day life so that you’re not feeling enormous stress every waking moment about where you’re living, where you’re going to live, when you’re receiving money for a sale and more. A real estate attorney doesn’t always take that into consideration but at Gurney Law Group, our attorneys do.

It’s our mission to not only see to it that the real estate transaction itself is as smooth as possible but that in making it so, we’ve helped to take a burden off of your plate and off your mind a little more often throughout the process. The more we can handle for you, the more communicative we are and the more accessible we can be for any and all questions you may have, the more likely you can embrace this next exciting chapter of your life rather than dread it.

Faster Response
We respond to emails so promptly that nobody has to wait more than an hour for a response – ever. That includes not only yourself but also the agents and the lender.

Total Clarity
You will always be certain about what we need and when we need it ahead of time so you’re not caught by surprise.



 Zero Waiting On Documents
We’ll send documents to you right away through DocuSign so you can sign electronically and keep the process moving right along.

Contingent Plans For The Unexpected
Can’t be there for the closing? Not to worry. We’ll FedEx all of your closing documents overnight so you have them by the next day. Simply sign and send them back.
This is what you get when you work with the kind of real estate law firm that knows every step of the process so well that we’re on top of every matter before it becomes a major issue. That way, even with a flurry of documents to be gathered and disclosures to be made, the entire experience seems vastly efficient. All at a highly competitive rate.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Enjoy Working With Us Too?
When you go above and beyond, it truly resonates with all parties in the transaction. That includes real estate agents, who recognize and respect that we’re here at Gurney Law Group to make their job ahead as easy as possible.

If you’re working in the real estate space, we understand that you’ve already been working with your client for months to either obtain an offer on their home or find them a home. You’ve worked too hard to negotiate and been fairly creative during your search for your client to watch a contract bog down the process – making it quite stressful for them and you.

Let’s Take The Worry Off Your Plate.

After all, you have other clients to work with and the next deal to find, but it’s awfully hard to do that when you’re preoccupied with worrying whether the deal is going to close on time and how upset your client is going to potentially be.

Let the Gurney law Group focus on the closing date for you so that your reputation on this real estate transaction and others to come is well preserved. Believe it or not, we’re not just thinking about making this deal a great experience for you – we’re thinking about the next time your client finds another property to buy or sell and want to use you again since the experience this time around was such a pleasure.

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