When Life Feels Out Of Control, Gurney Law Group Can Bring It Back On Course.

There are countless reasons why a homeowner might fall behind on their mortgage payments.

  • Loss of job.
  • Loss of income.
  • Divorce.
  • Child care expenses.
  • Medical expenses for themselves or their families
  • A drastic change in the marketplace.

These hardships can fall upon good, well-meaning people who never intended to fall behind on their mortgage payments. If you’re one of them, we understand that you have a real burden on your shoulders and life is getting harder by the day. You’re getting harassed by banks and debt collectors as the threat of being removed from your home hangs like a cloud over your head at all times. Perhaps you even tried to do a short sale but can’t find buyers

When a foreclosure lawsuit is ultimately been filed against you, you may feel lower than you ever have in your life, thinking things like:

“Is this going to be the day the bank takes my house from me?”

“When am I going to be forced into bankruptcy?”

“How am I ever going to go on when my credit is destroyed?”

“Why would I even fight this in court when I know I’m going to lose?”

Don’t Live In Fear. Live With A Plan.

Working with Gurney Law Group on a foreclosure defense can transform a very scary time in your life facing a daunting challenge into a moment where you realize there may be very workable options after all. Homeowners in Illinois and particularly the city of Chicago have rights you may not be aware of – simply exercising those rights can buy you significant extra time, both in your house and to potentially reach a favorable solution to the problem.

No matter how late you think it is, it’s never too late to explore what avenues are possible.

How Can We Be So Confident? In A Word: Experience.

If that experience has taught us anything at Gurney Law Group, it’s that the foreclosure process is typically a very long one. However, when you pay our firm, you should know that it’s not our aim to drag out the process either. We’ll give you the clarity on how much time you have left in the home so you know what’s in front of you at all times and what can be done to change the route you’re currently on. Just when you believe there’s nothing that can be done, our firm will discover the very best options to your advantage and for your situation. The result? It could be one of these:

  • Obtaining another year or two in the property for you
  • Working out a short sale
  • Successfully negotiating a loan modification with the bank
  • A more workable mortgage agreement
  • Getting back on track making payments and staying in your property

When all feels hopeless, Miles & Gurney will do far more than relay information back to you with a sympathetic ear. We’ll push as hard as it takes to get you to the extra time you deserve to evaluate the strategy and possibilities in your foreclosure defense – and once we make a decision, that’s a path we’ll take together. Because feeling like you have to figure it all out on your own ends today.

ASK THE ATTORNEY: “I’m already having a hard time paying my mortgage.
How am I going to be able to afford an attorney?”

We often get that question at Gurney Law Group from people who are considering foreclosure defense through our firm. The answer: On a short sale transaction, we represent sellers for free. That’s because the bank covers 100% of our attorney fees. We do charge for foreclosure defense representation in court, but even in that event, we offer a number of ways to make payments more affordable for our clients, including flat fee arrangements and installment plans.

Let’s work together

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