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You’ve Pondered Enough “What If” Scenarios.

Let’s say you and your spouse are headed on a vacation out of the country to celebrate your anniversary while your parents watch your 3-year-old.

A few days before you board the plane, this thought hits you: “Wait a minute. What if something happens to us while we’re gone? What if the plane goes down? What’s going to happen to our child? Who is going to take care of her – my Mom and Dad or my brother and sister-in-law?”

We’ve all had these “what if” conversations in our minds at one point or another. At Gurney Law Group, our estate planning attorneys will help guide you through the challenging questions regarding guardianship of a child, inheritance, distribution of assets and any contingencies that may impact your wishes.

What To Expect From Our Process:

Every client is different and the length of the process is heavily dependent on the client. That said, here is what estate planning with Gurney Law Group typically entails:

1.   Intake Meeting: Our initial meeting will include a discussion of your situation, outlining the different documents available as well as pointing the way toward which option may make greater sense for your particular circumstance.

2.   Information Gathering: Upon engagement of our firm, we will provide a list of information and documentation required from you so that we can begin to formulate the essential documents. While there will be a number of important decisions for you to make during this phase, we won’t ask for your answers just yet – we want to give you ample time so you can devote serious thought to your answers.

3.   Follow-Up Conversation: Now that you’ve given thought to your answers, you’ll share them with us. Even here, however, we’ll carefully explain what the ramifications of those decisions are so you can be assured that the decisions you have made are in your best interest.

4.  Document Creation: Gurney Law Group will assemble your documents and send you drafts for review. We’ll point out particular areas of the documents that have been customized to fit your circumstances exactly as intended.

5.  Final Review Meeting: This final review of your documents will take place to ensure that you understand exactly what you’re signing and that the documents are properly executed.

Estate planning documents our firm can draft

In addition, if you’re seeking long-term strategies to protect yourself from personal liability in a business environment, explore what our firm can provide for you through our Business Formation services.



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