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A Firm That Gets What Starting Out Is All About.

Here you stand on the cusp of a deal with some other people you’re about to invest a great deal of your time, energy and yes, money. You could be entering a business deal with a partner or spouse. Or perhaps someone you know is asking you to invest in their company. Everything about the future seems promising and exciting.

  • What kind of people should we hire?
  • How do we compensate them?
  • What type of equipment should we invest in and how much?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities between us?
  • Who has the final say on decisions?
  • If it doesn’t work out, how will we split up the bank account?

All good questions to be asking in advance. Now you need Gurney Law Group to guide you toward the proper type of business formation agreements that ensure your interests are accounted for – well before you sign anything.

A Rate Actually Made For Your New Business

When you’re beginning a new business relationship, preserving and building funds early on couldn’t be more important. With plenty of expenses to account for – and a few more that are bound to pop up – the best thing you could have is some valuable legal counsel. Yet the last thing you may need is a retainer that fluctuates.

Fortunately, Gurney Law Group strives to bill on a flat fee basis that’s more efficient and manageable, all while you receive the prompt and personal attention of a business formation attorney who knows just what to look for in agreements.


Just Because It’s An Agreement, Doesn’t Mean It Shouldn’t Be In Your Favor.

Once you sign an agreement, shouldn’t you feel like your biggest priorities have been incorporated into the paperwork?

There’s a reason more of Gurney Law Group’s clients feel just like that. Whether we’re preparing a contract or a shareholder agreement, our attorneys will have detailed conversations with you to deeply understand what your interests are and the risks that you need to be aware of, including:

  • Voting power and rights you have
  • Powers and rights of others that can impact you
  • Implications of dissolving the company
  • Steps to leave the company
  • Death and disability concerns
  • Decision-making authorities
  • Compensation

As a result, we’ll prepare an agreement that’s not only favorable to you today but will factor in those elements that have an excellent chance of protecting you down the road. With everything you already need to be aware of as a new business owner or investor, it’s good to have a true partner on the legal side who understands the big picture of what you want to accomplish. Right from the very beginning with your initial paperwork. It’s exactly what you have in a business formation attorney from Gurney Law Group.

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